About the Job

While still currently studying the ins and outs of production, working in the fashion film industry is my career goal. The position I wish to hold is that of the Videographer and Creative Director. That role would entail me coming up with content for myself or luxury brands, building concepts in pre-production, applying my makeup skills, shooting and editing the final film. I want to be able to work all the way from pre-production to post production.


Why I want to work in this industry? Since I was a child I loved looking at editorials both in print and video. As someone who always has ideas in my mind that I would love to get out, I want to be able to create my vision without always needing someone else to. What better way to do that than getting hands on and learning about all the roles myself.

For a few years now I have been working on different projects with several photographers around the Atlanta area. The editorial mock ad seen on this page is a project that I worked on with photogragher Claudia Bost and stylist Lauren Ashford. This work lightly touches the surface of the body of work that I want to create.

Next Up

My next step to getting more experience with production will be to start producing video content that fits with the vision that I have. I want my specialty to be executing fashion film that captures blackness in a way that is not always exposed to our society. On both a national and international scale. There is a video link near the bottom of the page from Kahlil Joseph who is an amazing director and filmmaker who creates stunning visuals that are captivating, unique, and most importantly tell a story.

Seu Jorge – THE MODEL from WHAT MATTERS MOST on Vimeo.

Industry Links

I often like to visit Vimeo and search under the fashion category to find videos from big brands and individuals to get inspiration. When it comes to education pretty much anything else that I want to learn about whether it be how to edit, what are some of the positions available in my industry or current trends I can find out on Lynda.com. Typically, I use sites like the ones previously named or Youtube to get a basis and then from there I like to learn from trial and error.


I would like to think that I have taken some impressive baby steps, I know that I still have a long way to go when it comes to acheiving my dreams. My work has been featured in Inspire Magazine (Issues #: 13,14,15,and 17), SAPIO Mag, and The Editor Ink. I have also gotten the chance to work with some really cool photographers that you can see from my portfolio or by taking a look at my social media page linked in the navigation bar.