About Me

Ever since the young age of around 4 years old I have always had a passion for all things creative. I have played several instruments, danced for a majority of my life, and dabbled in sketching and drawing. It was not until later in my high school years that I realized I wanted to experience more with makeup than just the minimal eyeshadow and a little eye liner here and there. After a few weeks of studying inspiring artists, I had begun working on a new found craft. A few years later you can now find me working as a professional freelance makeup artist around the Atlanta area. Building and expanding my portfolio and perfecting the art. I am always trying to find ways to better myself.


I am a graduate of Georgia State University with a degree in Film and Video. My goal is to one day work in advertising as well as being a professional makeup artist.

My mission

Makeup by Renelle is all about creating timeless looks. Creating looks that can transition from era to era. I am not in the business of doing trendy makeup looks just because it is the lastest sensation. I want my work to be as true to my artistry and the beauties that I work with.

About my site

This website was created by my self in order to showcase not only my makeup work and portfolio, but also to show my interests, what I am currently working on, tutorials I have created, as well as videos I have produced and directed. By taking a moment to browse through the above links in the navigation bar you can see more of what I have done and find out more about me. This site will be forever evolving with great new content that I hope you all will enjoy!